Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hello and welcome!

Plastic Free Kailua is in its keiki stage.

We are starting a new social venture aimed at reducing the purchase and/or  distribution of single-use and disposable plastics such as drink bottles, grocery bags, and deli containers. We also aim to provide education about plastic pollution and alternatives.

Please join in and watch us grow. Or join the planning team as we prepare for the first official meeting in September. And please tell your friends. Get the facts about plastic in our "About Us" tab and in the marine debris photo album on our Facebook page.

The budding vision for Plastic Free Kailua is grounded in personal commitment. Group membership will serve as a reminder, encouraging residents to think about reducing single-use plastics, step by step, in their daily lives. Reducing plastic pollution is as easy as carrying your own reusable bags and reusable water bottle, practices many of you already ascribe to.

We endeavor to grow confidently toward discussing alternatives with local businesses. Two weeks ago, I began by meeting Farmer's Market vendors and Farm Bureau representatives about reducing the single-use plastics and styrofoams at the Thursday market. And I am working on planning an information session with the Kailua Chamber of Commerce. But we need a bank of supporters to have real momentum.

We hope to organize some meetings and activities such as film screenings, lessons in making homemade cleaners, and beach clean-ups.

Your ideas are welcome. And your skills welcome are too. For example, I need to more diligently compile facts about recycling and trash in Hawaii as well as grow partnerships, grow a web of resources and alternatives, grow a website, in other words grow a few more hands!

Thank you for taking the time to check us out!