Sunday, December 12, 2010

December Kailua Beach Park Clean-Up Redux

The rainy weather cleared up just in time. The clouds parted and revealed an ocean and canal zone littered with marine debris and trash run off from the town. We had the help of St. Anthony School Green Club (Go Warriors!) and approximately 30 PFK volunteers and their keiki. We recovered over 200 pounds of pollution including 20 pounds of recyclables! We also placed 4 of the Eating in Public Hi-5 recycle bins in the park.
We hope you can join us for the next clean-up in March 2011.
Check out more photos on our facebook page.
A deep MAHALO to all the volunteers!
Our next meeting will be a New Year's Pau Hana on Thurs. Jan 13th. Details TBA.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kailua Beach Park Clean-Up Sat. Dec. 11th

 ***Weather is looking good: Come on down to the beach TODAY!***

It's time for our quarterly beach clean-up and social on Sat. Dec. 11th. We'll  take this time to have a holiday picnic and place some of our HI-5 bins
around the beach park.

When: Saturday, Dec. 11th
9:00am: Check-in
11:00am: Join us for the trash tally and a low-impact potluck lunch

Where: Kailua Beach Park, 450 Kawailoa Road
Meet near the Canoe House, Main Parking Lot, East of Buzz’s Restaurant

What to bring: sunscreen, hat, work gloves, old colanders, water bottles, friends, and a great attitude! Bring any plastic grocery bags you have to give them a second life as trash bags. If your interested, also bring a low-impact lunch box or food to share. That means reusable plates and utensils too.We'll have coolers and other supplies.

We will need a few volunteers to take turns manning the check-in station. And let us know if you want to join Team Kalama and start your trek from Kalama Beach Park.

Please RSVP at our Facebook page or in the comments.  

Friday, November 12, 2010


To help launch Plastic Free Kailua, we are in search of the perfect logo art to put on our website, educational documents, and importantly, on our reusable bags and water bottles. The reusable products will be available for sale at certified Plastic Free Kailua merchants designated with a logo decal. While exploring the topic of plastic pollution and marine debris, we encourage you to think about solutions and alternatives to single-use plastics such as recycling programs, carrying reusable bags to the grocery, carrying a reusable water bottle filled with tap water, or attending a beach clean-up. Reusable bags, bottles, and lunch boxes are a great way to GO GREEN!

Submissions for the art contest for Plastic Free Kailua should reflect the iconic, natural beauty and/or environment of Kailua, such as the beaches, water sports, the Mokulua Islands, your neighborhood parks or gardens as well as practices that visualize what it means to be plastic free. Use paint, crayons, pastels, fabric, collage, or mixed media to put your vision on paper. The possibilities are endless!

Visit our LEARN page for valuable links and resources to share with keiki.

Who can participate? School-aged children grades K-12 that reside or attend school in the 96734 zip code. (May be submitted by a Teacher, Parent, Organization)
Format: 2-dimensional, on 8.5 x 11" paper

Description: Include 2-3 sentences that describe your vision on the back.

Information: The following information must also be printed on the back of each entry: Child's
Name, Age, Grade, School, and Contact info (for notification purposes)
Criteria: Artwork will be judged on theme, visual appeal, originality, and creativity.

Deadline: All artwork needs to be submitted by December 15th either by mail to Plastic Free
Kailua Logo Contest C/O Kokua Hawaii Foundation, P.O. Box 866, Haleiwa, HI 96712 OR in person at Mu’umu’u Heaven, 767 Kailua Road, Suite 100.

Finalists will be displayed on our website and the winner will be chosen as one of our Plastic Free Kailua logos. The winning artist will receive a Plastic Free Kailua stainless steel reusable water bottle and reusable grocery bag, a Kokua Hawaii Foundation sticker and pencil as well as a $50 Gift Certificate to California Pizza Kitchen. Proceeds of bags and bottle sales will support Plastic Free Kailua programs. Submission of photos and artwork grants permission to include these images in any Plastic Free Kailua, Kanu Hawaii, or Kokua Hawaii Foundation publications or digital media. Entries will only be returned upon request.

Download the Official Flyer here:

HI-5 Recycle Bin Workshop Redux

With the smooth sounds of Ohana Karaoke drifting in from next door, our brave participants fashioned 20 amazing, anarchist recycle bins for placement around Kailua. We laughed, we learned, we got blisters, and a great time was had by all!

Did you miss the workshop? Learn more at and look out for our bins in Kailua! Our investments will need your support and guardianship. We'll be sure to schedule this activity again in the coming months.

PFK sends out a big MAHALO to Gaye Chan of Eating in Public for providing the instruction and materials. We also thank the Castle Foundation for sharing their meeting space with us.

Check out more photos on our Facebook page!

Check out where the bins end up at eating in public

1. Bus stop @ Keolu & Iana Streets
2. Bus stop @ Ka'elepulu Elementary School
3. The Free Store on Keolu Drive - EIP's first free store @ Bob's
4. Bus stop @ Keolu & Akamai (Kailua bound)
5. Bus stop @ Keolu & Akamai (Waimanalo bound)
6. Bus stop @ Akalani & Keolu Streets (Kailua bound)
7. Bus stop @ Oneawa St. and Kaha St.
8. Bus stop @ Kailua Rd. & Kailua Rd. (opposite Oneawa St.)
9. Bus Stop @ Oneawa St. and Kuulei Rd. (by Black Cat)

More coming soon at the Beach Parks!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Plastic bag regulation on City Council agenda 11/9. Submit your support testimony.

Honolulu City Council is considering regulation of single-use plastic bags at the Tuesday 11/09 Public Infrastructure Meeting (Bill 43).

Find out more here:

"This ordinance prohibits the distribution of nonbiodegradable plastic bags under certain conditions by certain businesses and encourages the use of environmentally preferable alternatives such as compostable bags, recyclable paper bags or reusable bags."

"Regulated businesses shall be prohibited from providing nonbiodegradable plastic bags without charge or with a charge of less than $0.05 per bag to their customers at the point of sale. (b) Regulated businesses shall provide customers only the following types of bags without charge at the point of sale: (1) Compostable bags; (2) Recyclable paper bags; or (3) Reusable bags."

PLEASE submit testimony (via email or in person) in support!
Help Hawaii be a model for sustainable choices!

Written testimony must be submitted by 1:00pm Monday.
Sample letter after the jump Dear Council...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Watch Here! TEDx Great Pacific Garbage Patch LIVE Event Nov. 6., 8:30am PST

On Saturday, November 6, 2010, the Plastic Pollution Coalition will host TEDxGreatPacificGarbagePatch -  a one-day event that will bring together global thought leaders from the fields of technology, science, arts and entertainment, design, community activism and business in a dialog on the theme of “The Global Plastic Pollution Crisis.” Click the Agenda page for a schedule of speakers such as Capt. Moore, Beth Terry, Sylvia Earle, Chris Jordan, J. Nichols and more..

Watch it here! They (and WE) will broadcast the event LIVE ONLINE.

tedxgp2 on Broadcast Live Free

TEDxGreatPacificGarbagePatch is a forum where issue experts, youth leaders, visual and performing artists, actors, musicians, politicians and many others will share observations on how plastic pollution affects ocean/environmental health and public health; explore solutions for reducing our plastic footprint, and begin to develop ideas about eliminating plastic pollution through individual action as well as public- and private-sector innovation. 

Single-use plastics and disposable plastics are some of the greatest sources of plastic pollution. Follow the “4 Rs” of sustainable living: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. REFUSE single-use plastics today!

About TEDx: In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x=independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self organized.

*This independent TEDx event is operated under license from TED.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

PFK goes guerilla with a HI-5 bin making workshop on 11/11

At our next Monthly Meeting on the evening of Thursday Nov. 11 (Yes! Veteran's Day!), we'll feature a HI-5 recycle bin making workshop and presentation by artist and UH Professor Gaye Chan of and Get your pliers and gloves ready!

Thursday 11/11 6:30pm-8:30pm
Castle Room (Next to Ohana Karaoke)
131 Hekili Street, Suite 131 in Kailua

EATING IN PUBLIC can be reached at and is supported by Hawaii People's Fund. Sick and tired of the "sad" recycling program in Hawaii, Gaye Chan and Nandita Sharma designed some "Anarchist Bins" (hint: they are anarchist because they are not public nor private, belonging to no one AND everyone). They are putting them everywhere and now WE can too.  Check out the group's Facebook page and photos too @Eating in Public HI-5 Recycling Bins. I love this video of their presentation on "Remaking the Commons."

If you have them, please BRING some extra pliers like those pictured as well as some work/gardening gloves.

Also, remember to BRING a filled and refillable drink bottle and, if you can, any snack you want to share.

Hope to see you there! Please take a moment to RSVP at our Facebook page.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Come watch "Tapped" Oct. 14th 6:00pm

We are pleased to announce a FREE screening of the documentary "Tapped" on Thursday evening, Oct. 14th, hosted in part by our supporters Mu'umu'u Heaven and Kanu Hawai'i.

Where: Mu'umu'u Heaven, 767 Kailua Road
When: 10/14/2010 6:00-8:30pm 
The film (75 min) will begin at 6:30pm and will be followed by a brief discussion.

"The high cost -- to both the environment and our health -- of bottled water is the subject of this documentary that enlists activists, environmentalists, community leaders and others to expose the dark side of the bottled water industry. Americans may rethink their obsession with bottled H20 when they learn of the unregulated industry's willingness to ignore environmental and health concerns, and the problems that arise as a result.

"From the plastic production to the ocean in which so many of these bottles end up, this inspiring documentary trails the path of the bottled water industry and the communities which were the unwitting chips on the table. A powerful portrait of the lives affected by the bottled water industry, this revelatory film features those caught at the intersection of big business and the public's right to water."

This film will change your relationship with the water you drink.
We invite you to meet and greet with your neighbors, gain awareness and knowledge, and get passionate about going plastic free. Refreshments will be provided. Reusable water bottles welcome. We'll also detail the latest Plastic Free Kailua developments before the movie begins.

Take a moment to RSVP at our FB page and invite your friends! 

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kailua Beach Clean-Up for the International Coastal Clean-Up Redux

The Clean-Up on Sept. 25th was an excellent success! Throughout the morning, 27 volunteers, plus a handful of cute keiki, put on gloves and went off with their buckets, bags, and screens. We collected litter from the beach parks and plastic pollution from the coastline between Kailua Beach Park and Kalama Beach Park.

Details compiled from our volunteers' trash tally sheets are below. We collected 90 POUNDS in 2 hours! All the data from this international event will be posted on the Ocean Conservancy website in the following months.

8 Paper bags                                            69 Cups, plates or cutlery
36 Plastic bags                                         165 Food wrappers
27 Balloons                                              33 Pull tabs
15 Plastic beverage bottles                        1 6-pack holder 
12 Glass bottles                                        68 Straws
22 Beverage cans                                     14 Toys
161 Caps or lids                                       22 Items of clothing, shoes 
15 Pieces of Styrofoam                           1000 Bits of micro-debris
200 Fishing line, net, or rope segments      5 Oil or bleach containers
40 Floats and lures                                   13 Pieces of plastic sheeting
1700 Cigarette butts                                 2 Batteries
 4 Cigarette lighters                                  2 Diapers
 9 Cigar tips                                             1 Syringe, 18 band-aids
38 Tobacco wrappers                                6 toothbrushes

Volunteers noted the massive amount of litter within the parks. We will be working to create more places to dispose of cigarette butts as well as to add recycling bins. There is always more to be cleaned up in these high traffic areas, so we encourage you to pick up a bag of trash every time you visit!

The event was followed by a low-impact potluck.

We extend a giant thank you and mahalo to all the participants who came out to support the efforts, those who donated buckets and supplies, and those who made some goodies to share. The Hawaii ZTA Alumnae Chapter made this their September event and drew ladies from around the island to help. Additionally, Huakailani School supplied us with the coolers for the day.

Tentatively, our next Clean-Up is scheduled for December. We are accepting ideas if you know of a Windward beach location or stream that is need of a clean-up crew.

PFK's next general meeting will be a screening of "Tapped" at 7pm on Oct. 14th. Details to follow soon! 

More photos are up on our FB page.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Kick-off a Success, Beach Clean-up this Saturday!

Meeting Minutes
We hosted 20 amazing attendees on Thursday night at Saeng's Thai. We toasted to this new social venture with some frosty Tsingtau's and delicious spring rolls. These concerned citizens will be the new ambassadors of the plastic free movement in Kailua. I can't thank them enough for showing up!

Rachel shared the vision and planning goals of PFK. Alani told of the inspiring purpose and mission of Kanu Hawaii. Finally, Natalie spoke about the success of the Plastic Free Haleiwa Coalition and how we can bring it to Kailua.

Upcoming Business:
* A planning team is forming. Email us if you want to be included and missed the meet-up.
* The ICC beach clean-up is next Saturday the 25th. Planning details below. RSVP
* The next general meeting is scheduled for Oct. 14th. We will be screening the documentary "Tapped" on the bottled water industry. Details to follow. Tentatively, meetings will be the 2nd Thursday of each month, beach clean-ups quarterly.

Until next time: 
* Email in any photos from the meeting and we'll post them on our FB page.
* Register at the tab above to grow our contact database.
* Register your plastic free commitments at and join the group page, so we can start tracking our collective impact.
* Continue to educate yourself about the value of going plastic free.
* Join and participate in our social media pages.
* Help us spread the word.
* Reduce *Reuse *BringURown 

Beach Clean-up Update
We will meet at the park for check-in starting after 8:30am-9:00am. Attendees should come armed with sunscreen, water bottles, a buddy, and a smile. If you have an old clipboard, 5 gallon bucket, collander, work gloves, or anything else that might assist bring that too. We will supply some nitrile gloves, trash bags, and tally sheets.

We will divide the beach park into 4-5 zones and conquer. You can volunteer to be a zone captain. We'd like to have a small Team Kalama that moves from Kalama Park to Kailua Park. Email us if you want to join or organize that team and we'll talk logistics.

The day will culminate with a relaxing, low-impact potluck lunch at 11. Bring something to share and some reusable utensils/plates. We will supply coolers and watch your belongings at the check-in station during the clean-up. This should be a day of family and community fun! Remember to RSVP.

Comment below with any questions or email us.
An email will go out to the planning team respondents shortly.

Thanks again to everyone for their willingness and support. This fall will be a time for us to plan and grow as we move toward a hard launch in January 2011. Slow and steady wins the race.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sept. 25th The International Coastal Clean-up comes to Kailua Beach

We're planning to join the world's largest beach clean-up effort on the morning of Saturday, September 25th, the International Coastal Clean-up forwarded by the Ocean Conservancy.

Kailua Beach Clean-Up
*PLEASE check back for updates*
Saturday, Sept. 25th
8:30am check-in
11:00am: Join us for the trash weigh and tally 
and a low-impact potluck lunch

Kailua Beach Park, 450 Kawailoa Road
Meet near Main Parking Lot, East of Buzz’s

What to bring:
sunscreen, hat
work gloves
water bottles
a great attitude
low-impact lunch box or food to share, that means reusable plates/utensils too
family and friends

Also needed: (Can you help? Email us)
colanders or hand screens
5 gal. buckets
trash bags
extra gloves, canvas or latex/nitrile
large scale for weighing
large coolers
volunteers to man zones and stations

Please RSVP here:  or register as a volunteer.

Be part of something HUGE!

During the 2009 International Coastal Cleanup, 498,818 volunteers picked up 7.4 million pounds of marine debris, in 108 countries and locations around the world and 45 US states. Millions of debris items, ranging from cigarette butts to 55-gallon drums and household appliances, contribute to the deterioration of ocean ecosystems and harm humans, wildlife, and coastal economies.

In 2009, 60 percent of the debris collected and cataloged consisted of single-use, disposable items. Volunteers picked up 1.1 million plastic bags. And enough cups, plates, knives, forks, and spoons for a picnic for 100,000 people.

Because trash travels, we are all part of the problem—and the solution—whether we live hundreds of miles inland or along the ocean’s shores. The data collected from the International Coastal Cleanup help provide a road map for eliminating marine debris by demonstrating the scope and scale of the problem and documenting trends (from OC website).

Friday, September 3, 2010

Plastic Free Kailua Kick-Off Meeting & Windward Kanu Hawaii Pau Hana

I am excited to announce a special, joint event,
and YOU are cordially invited to attend.

Thursday, Sept. 16th
Seang’s Thai Restaurant in Kailua
Drop in: 6 - 9pm
Informational meeting: 7pm

First, this pau hana will serve as a local event for Windward-side Kanu Hawaii supporters to meet and greet, network, and foster support for each other in our commitments. Second, and more importantly, this is the kick-off meeting for the new Plastic Free Kailua coalition.

You can hop on over after the farmer’s market for pupus and great company. At 7pm we will hold a brief meeting discussing the goals and planning milestones of this new venture. We are seeking both committed team members, willing local businesses, and general supporters to move forward.

We also want to promote upcoming Kailua events such as a beach clean-up planned for Saturday, Sept. 25th. Details TBA soon.

Please RSVP here: or register as a volunteer.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hello and welcome!

Plastic Free Kailua is in its keiki stage.

We are starting a new social venture aimed at reducing the purchase and/or  distribution of single-use and disposable plastics such as drink bottles, grocery bags, and deli containers. We also aim to provide education about plastic pollution and alternatives.

Please join in and watch us grow. Or join the planning team as we prepare for the first official meeting in September. And please tell your friends. Get the facts about plastic in our "About Us" tab and in the marine debris photo album on our Facebook page.

The budding vision for Plastic Free Kailua is grounded in personal commitment. Group membership will serve as a reminder, encouraging residents to think about reducing single-use plastics, step by step, in their daily lives. Reducing plastic pollution is as easy as carrying your own reusable bags and reusable water bottle, practices many of you already ascribe to.

We endeavor to grow confidently toward discussing alternatives with local businesses. Two weeks ago, I began by meeting Farmer's Market vendors and Farm Bureau representatives about reducing the single-use plastics and styrofoams at the Thursday market. And I am working on planning an information session with the Kailua Chamber of Commerce. But we need a bank of supporters to have real momentum.

We hope to organize some meetings and activities such as film screenings, lessons in making homemade cleaners, and beach clean-ups.

Your ideas are welcome. And your skills welcome are too. For example, I need to more diligently compile facts about recycling and trash in Hawaii as well as grow partnerships, grow a web of resources and alternatives, grow a website, in other words grow a few more hands!

Thank you for taking the time to check us out!