Non-Profit Partners

A Kokua Hawaii Foundation initiative, Plastic Free Hawaii began as the Plastic Free Hale’iwa Coalition at the end of 2007. Plastic Free Hawaii is a coalition of community members and business owners that strives to educate the stores, schools restaurants, residents and visitors of Hawaii on the environmental and health benefits of going plastic free in order to minimize the consumption and pollution of plastics in our islands.

 The goal is to minimize, and eventually eliminate, the use of single-use plastic such as plastic bags, food take-out containers (including styrofoam), plastic utensils, and bottled water. For more information on how you can get involved, please see their Plastic Free Hawaii page and make your Plastic Free Commitment today!

The Kokua Hawaii Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports environmental education in the schools and communities of Hawaii. Their mission is to provide students with experiences that will enhance their appreciation for and understanding of their environment so they will be lifelong stewards of the earth. They believe our keiki are the seeds of change to preserving and protecting our beautiful islands.

Kanu Hawaii is a nonprofit corporation. By asking citizens to join as members, make and uphold commitments, their mission is to live by the island values that shape Hawaii's unique way of life. Second, they are driven by the concept of kuleana or responsibility. Kanu Hawaii privileges island-style activism: to lead by example with humility and perseverance, to persistently ask for change from a position of strength – armed with common values, information, wisdom, and integrity. We have a group page on their website with recommended commitments. By joining you help us tally our aggregate positive impact.
School Partners
-- If your school wants to join in please email us! --

Huakailani School is a private all-girls elementary school located in Kailua Town. They supports Plastic Free Kailua's message of reduce, reuse and bringURown each day by promoting plastic-free and litter-free habits. The school only uses only reusable eating utensils and plates, this includes school-wide potlucks where disposable cups, plates and utensils are never used. The school does not even use paper towels in the restroom. Rather each student has their own reusable handkerchief. All students and staff only use reusable water bottles.

The school is an active participant in the City and County's "Adopt A Block" program. The students and families of Huakailani are committed to making their community clean one street at a time by keeping pollutants off of the City roads and improving the quality of water running into the Hamakua Stream or Kailua stormwater drains. The school also sponsors a "Plant Your Butts Here" campaign to reduce the number of cigarette butts that pollute Kailua Town. Did I mention they have an urban garden and a worm-composter on campus? Read more about their many great efforts on their blog.

St. Anthony School Green Club
The mission of the club is to help the St. Anthony community practice good stewardship for the school, Hawaii, and the planet. The club helps with the recycling program at school and participates in local beach clean ups through out the year. The first initiative for 2011-2012 school year is to promote waste free lunches. 

Keolu Elementary School