Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kailua Beach Clean-Up for the International Coastal Clean-Up Redux

The Clean-Up on Sept. 25th was an excellent success! Throughout the morning, 27 volunteers, plus a handful of cute keiki, put on gloves and went off with their buckets, bags, and screens. We collected litter from the beach parks and plastic pollution from the coastline between Kailua Beach Park and Kalama Beach Park.

Details compiled from our volunteers' trash tally sheets are below. We collected 90 POUNDS in 2 hours! All the data from this international event will be posted on the Ocean Conservancy website in the following months.

8 Paper bags                                            69 Cups, plates or cutlery
36 Plastic bags                                         165 Food wrappers
27 Balloons                                              33 Pull tabs
15 Plastic beverage bottles                        1 6-pack holder 
12 Glass bottles                                        68 Straws
22 Beverage cans                                     14 Toys
161 Caps or lids                                       22 Items of clothing, shoes 
15 Pieces of Styrofoam                           1000 Bits of micro-debris
200 Fishing line, net, or rope segments      5 Oil or bleach containers
40 Floats and lures                                   13 Pieces of plastic sheeting
1700 Cigarette butts                                 2 Batteries
 4 Cigarette lighters                                  2 Diapers
 9 Cigar tips                                             1 Syringe, 18 band-aids
38 Tobacco wrappers                                6 toothbrushes

Volunteers noted the massive amount of litter within the parks. We will be working to create more places to dispose of cigarette butts as well as to add recycling bins. There is always more to be cleaned up in these high traffic areas, so we encourage you to pick up a bag of trash every time you visit!

The event was followed by a low-impact potluck.

We extend a giant thank you and mahalo to all the participants who came out to support the efforts, those who donated buckets and supplies, and those who made some goodies to share. The Hawaii ZTA Alumnae Chapter made this their September event and drew ladies from around the island to help. Additionally, Huakailani School supplied us with the coolers for the day.

Tentatively, our next Clean-Up is scheduled for December. We are accepting ideas if you know of a Windward beach location or stream that is need of a clean-up crew.

PFK's next general meeting will be a screening of "Tapped" at 7pm on Oct. 14th. Details to follow soon! 

More photos are up on our FB page.

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