Monday, March 7, 2011

HI Bag Ban Legislation Update

Here's the latest from Sierra Club Hawai'i's Capitol Watch 2011.
So we've reached the half way mark in this session of the Legislature. Bills that have made it through hearings in one body must pass a vote on the floor and then cross over and run the gauntlet in the other body. All this week legislators will be voting which bills to send over.
Club Director Robert Harris has placed SB1363 on his Top 10 list of bills to watch!
SB 1363 SD2 - Requires businesses to collect a fee for the distribution of single use bags
This measure creates a fee for all single-use bags, paper or plastic, and gives stores a reason to encourage their customers to use less harmful bags. This simple fee would help make shoppers aware of the economic and environmental costs of single-use bags in Hawai‘i. Single-use bags are simply not in Hawai`i’s sustainable future and strong efforts should be made to discourage their continued use.
Single use bags are an expense that is not directly visible to consumers, but an average supermarket can spend $1,500 to $6,000 a month to provide them. By assessing a fee, we actualize this cost, create a disincentive to the continued use of the bags, and provide the State with needed income for sorely underfunded environmental programs.
For more info contact Opala Captain Joy Leilei Shih at
UPDATE: Needs testimony by 3/21 at 11am
3/18/2011HBill scheduled to be heard by EEP/ERB on Tuesday, 03-22-11 10:40AM in House conference room 312.

Also still in the running is SB1059. Check out the Sierra Club's links to contact your representatives and garner support. Help make Hawaii the first state to pass comprehensive plastic bag banning legislation.

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  1. Also: Here's the latest on the Big Island Hawaii County Council efforts

    From Civil Beat:

    10:22 a.m. Big Isle Delays Plastic Bag Ban

    Members of the Hawaii County Council who are opposed to banning plastic bags are now requiring public hearings on the matter that will delay the ban for at least eight months. The Hawaii Tribune-Herald reports:

    "We've certainly heard plenty of testimony," said Vice Chairman Pete Hoffmann, who wants his bag ban bill on (Mayor Billy) Kenoi's desk right away. "I'm embarrassed by our actions today, and I think the people of this county will perceive our actions in the same light."

    Hoffmann said the delay made for a "bad day," noting the debate over plastic shopping bags has been going on for three years.