Sunday, March 6, 2011

My beach clean-up experience

My name is Milo Osterman and I am 14 years old. I did community outreach hours for my school, Castle High. I cleaned Kailua beach park and the Ahuimanu Stream area. On March 1st I went to Kailua Beach Park where I picked up a bag of trash in two and a half hours. I also did this last December with PFK when there was a much higher tide, and because of the tide, there was a much larger amount of litter. In December, I found a wide variety of trash including cigarettes, pieces of plastic, and other small discarded garbage. Most of that likely washed up from the ocean, but this month there were things left behind by people at the beach such as toy shovels, broken buckets, and Frisbees, and other litter.

Even though there wasn't as much garbage as last time, it is still surprising to me that there is so much plastic among other rubbish being left on the beaches. Anyone reading this should remember that plastic never goes away and be mindful each time you go to the beach as to not leave anything behind.

Spread the word and get involved in your community! Here are some ways you can help the Plastic-Free Kailua coalition: take a reusable shopping bag for all types of shopping, carry a reusable water bottle instead of buying the disposable bottled water, be mindful of plastic packaging, and choose products that use less of it.
WAY TO GO MILO! As always, PFK invites other guest blog authors and young volunteers to get involved in our campaigns and beach clean-ups! Email us anytime!

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